Sports like you have never had before!

Celtic Sports Academy students will not only receive specialized skill training, they will also have the benefit of an enhanced physical education program.

Students will experience numerous sports and activities to expose them to different movements and fundamental skills. By doing this students will develop in many different physical abilities and environments, enhancing them as an athlete. 


Any Grades 4-8 child who:

  • Has passion and desire to be active
  • Works to their academic potential
  • Is disciplined, dedicated, and committed to improvement
  • Can work independently
  • Faith Leadership: Respect and Responsibility
Any Grades 9-12 child who:
  • Has the goal of becoming an elite athlete
  • Incorporates academics and athletics into their goals to become a successful student
  • Is disciplined, dedicated and committed to improvement
  • Self-motivated to train in an environment that begins before the school day(Grades 11/12)
  • Ability to be self directed towards individual goals within the classroom and weight room
  • Can work independently through a periodized training program as designed by our Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Faith Leadership:  Respect and Responsibility