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Grades 4-8 Multi-Sport

Students develop best when more movements and skills are incorporated.  Students participate in an extensive off-campus enhancement program which focuses on fitness development and sport-specific and cross-sport training, designed for the needs of the physically active youth.  During this time, students have an enhanced physical education program where they will be exposed to multiple sports and activities that challenge them both physically and mentally. 

Training sessions are 1.5-2 hours in length and are sport or activity specific, focusing on the fundamental movement skills required.  Experienced coaches, as well as our physical education experts, teach the sports/activities breaking them down skill-by-skill and strategy-by-strategy. 

Students also have their Physical Literacy skills assessed three times during the year and will receive Long Term Athletic Development training provided by trained professionals in our community.

Grades 4-8 Multi-Sport is available in five locations:

École St. Gerard Catholic School
Grades 4-7 Multisport
Two half-days a week of sports and activities - $1400/year ($140/month)

St. Kateri Catholic School & Holy Cross Catholic School
Grades 4-7 Multisport
Three half-days a week of sports and activities - $1900/year ($190/month)

St. John Paul II Catholic High School/Faculté Jean-Paul II & St. Joseph Catholic High School
Grade 8 Multisport
Two to three half-days a week of sports and activities - $1600/year ($160/month)