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Student Goals & Expectations

As a student within Celtic Academy, it is expected that I work toward achieving and maintaining the following Leadership Goals and Expectations:
Commit to Improvement
  • Academically - Student first!  As a student within the program, I will commit to regular attendance and work to my academic potential within the classroom.
  • Athletically - During all physical activities, practices, and training sessions, I will commit to participation and improving my skills and abilities; this will allow for consistent development throughout my personal/athletic journey.
  • Spiritually - I will strive to grow in faith and achievement, complying with the curricular guidelines of my school.
  • I will show respect for myself, my family, my teammates and classmates, my school and it's property, my teachers and coaches, and the various facilities I have the privilege to train in.
  • I will come prepared with all necessary gear needed for my training/sport session.  I will also hold myself accountable and responsible for my actions and not put-forth blame on others.
  • When given an instruction, I can respectfully and responsibly show independence in working on the skill or task on my own.  I will be able to do this in any facility I am training in and can also demonstrate independence within my classroom, school, and community.
Passion for Physical Activity
  • I will demonstrate a true passion to be physically active.  I will attempt, and will work at, any physical task or skill presented and demonstrated by my coaches, because I am part of Celtic Academy to develop and strengthen my physical and mental abilities.