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1.  You know who I am, you’ve seen me before. I’m the one in the weight room after a big loss, and a big win. I’m the one testing my max and pushing my limit just to remind myself that I can go harder.

 I’m not here to look good or chit-chat. I’m not here because I should be, because you asked me to be, or because they are. I don’t do this because someone is watching, I do it because I’ll always know how hard I worked, regardless of what others may see or not see. I am here to answer the desire to be better today than I was yesterday.

3.  This is about putting in work each day. It’s about pushing my mind as hard as my body because I understand that success is not defined by mere physical domination. It’s not about never giving up, its about passion and pride. It’s about challenging myself to do more and never letting myself be content. It’s about working hard and earning my success.

4.  This WILL, this DRIVE – it’s because I’m a student/athlete, at heart, at my core, in my actions.  When my chances come I will be ready, and if I fail in the pursuit I will be inspired. And if I prevail in the pursuit, I will be inspired. No matter what it takes, I find a way to get the job done, to compete and improve, no excuses just work. Because I am part of the Celtic Academy family.