Alli Dettling

I played four years for the St. Joes Ceinahs, from grade nine through to grade 12. Playing for the Ceinahs allowed me to compete all three years in the local GPRC all-star games, as well as provincial showcases in Calgary and eventually to play two years post-secondary at GPRC. After tearing my ACL the summer between grade 10 and 11, I was constantly battling knee injuries throughout high school basketball, as well as recovering from knee surgery in grade 12 and into post-secondary. The leadership I had in the athletic development program and the knowledge I gained from being in the program helped me build my strength and flexibility to recover from my injury and prevent further knee injuries. I’m so thankful for the knowledge I learned through the program, because even now after my competitive career has ended I still love going to the gym and lifting weights, feeling healthy, and pushing myself to become stronger every day.